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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Last Updated : 17/3/2017 12:16 PM
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A. General

1. Why myCorridor Portal?

  • myCorridor Portal is an interactive portal showcasing investment opportunities and benefits in order to attract investment from our respective potential investors to invest in Malaysia Economic Corridors. This portal also will guide and assist the investors through the investment life cycle in an intuitive manner and user friendly. Besides that, it will engage and facilitate investors with necessary information regarding Malaysia Economic Corridors and investment sectors.
B. Member Registration

1. How to register as a member?

  • You can sign up by clicking on the LOGIN/REGISTER button on top of the portal and filling the simple registration form or CLICK HERE.

2. What does it cost? Is there any membership fee?

  • There is no membership fee and no direct costs will be imposed to you to get all benefits as a registered member.

3. What are the benefits of a member?

  • After register to be a member, you will enjoy the benefits of using online application services (apply directly from myCorridor portal through the list of online services that related to new investment in Malaysia Economic Corridor ), viewing application status (get to know your online submission statuses) and get alerts and notification (get up-to-date announcements and events in your personalized member areas).

4. I am a new investor, can I invest if I'm not a member?

  • Yes, you can. But registering as a member will give additional benefits and more experience in interactive manner.
C. Opportunities Over The Map

1. Why I should use Opportunities Over the Map feature?

  • Opportunities Over the Map highlights the main economic region in Malaysia in an interactive map format. It has the functionality to filter based on location, sector, sub sector and interest.
D. Member Area

1. What are the features of member area?

  • In member area, there are four link which is myProfile, myOnline Application, myEngagement Plan and myArea. myProfile enables users to view and update profile and to changes password. myOnline Application enables users to track application status for application submitted to OSC/BLESS. myEngagement Plan enables users to track engagements plan integrated with IMS. myArea enables users to view updated news and events related to selected sectors, region etc.
E. Drop Us Your Feedback

1. Can I make a complaint or suggestion without registering as a member?

  • Yes, you can. You need to fill in form in Drop Us Your Feedback and write the complaint or suggestion. Your personal information will be kept confidential.
F. Take The First Step

1. What is Take The First Step?

  • This page contains a form to be fill in by visitors or investors based on their particular interested region and sector.

2. Why Take The First Step?

  • Take The First Step is the easiest way for you to get things started when you think about investing in Malaysia Economic Corridors. It just like droping your business card in a bowl with a little additional options as you can choose your interested corridors and sectors.

3. How does the Take The First Step work?

    Filling up the form
  • You must fill all the required information before submit the form.
  • You can choose either single or multiple selection for the interested areas.
  • Remarks section is provided for any enquiries or comment from visitors or investors. An email notification will be notified or escalated to the representative region.
  • Click submit button to submit the form.
    Waiting for the feedback
  • After the form has been submitted, an email notification will be sent to any selected Economic Corridors authority.
  • A representative from selected corridor authorities will then contact you back using the given contact details (phone or email) as soon as possible.
    Getting engaged and start the business
  • A sequence of follow up discussion will be conducted if neccessary including tele-conversation or face-to-face meetup session
  • Our corridor authorities representative will assist and guide you until you find it worthful enough to get your investment started in your selected economic corridors.

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