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Food And Agro Processing
Last Updated : 17/3/2017 11:35 AM

Where we are today
Agrobased Industry or Agroprocessing Activity in Malaysia are one important components in Agriculture development programme under Ministry of Agriculture and Agrobased Industry and few other ministries. The aim of this program is to increase farmers income and produce more processed food from various raw material from crop, animal and fish. Referring to MOA annual report the numbers of entrepreneurs or farmers involved in agrobased industry project in 2010 are 4,185 and produce various type of product valued at RM 302.5 million. In 2005 there were only 3,472 entrepreneurs involved in agro-based industry project with total value of RM 143.30 million.

Private company involved in agrobased industry almost double or triple from the reported above with bigger scale of production. Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) which involved small or medium factory size and more than 5 employee is not reported in the category. The SME agrobased industry managed by a company with bank loan and proper marketing channel. The is a better future in agrobased industry development program with a 'HALAL' status certification Program and export potential throughout the world.

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